How to create general email sequences

Helpmonks offers our customers a powerful marketing tool to help you grow your business and increase efficiency when engaging with customers. Email sequences or automated campaigns help send emails at the perfect time, as they will be based on your customers' actions upon receiving them.

How to create automation:

  • To start, click the Email Sequences within the Dashboard.

  • You may select from one of our templates or create your own.

  • Email Sequences start by adding the contact to the campaign directly or when a contact has a Label added or removed.

            Should you wish to add a contact to a campaign directly, here are several options for you:

                1. Select one or multiple contacts in the Contacts lists and add them to the campaign from the drop-down menu.

                2. Within the contact’s detail page, navigate to the “Marketing Campaigns” tab and add the contact.

            3. In the email list, select one or multiple emails and select "Marketing" from the menubar and select your campaign(s). Or, within the email thread, the same button is available.

  • After adding a contact or creating a trigger, you can create a message and choose an action to execute depending on the customers' reaction to your email and how long the interval should be for the automation.


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Last updated on Feb. 24th, 2023
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